Hair Halt Hair Retardant 30mL

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An oil free, light weight, fast absorbing topical serum that works on a follicular level inhibiting hair growth rates. Packed with antioxidants, Hair Halt is anti-inflammatory and non comedogenic making it perfect for use on the face or body to reduce the appearance of unwanted hair growth.

Ideal for use to enhance efficacy in hair removal treatments such as LASER, IPL, Epiblading and waxing or as a stand alone hair retardant serum.

Key Ingredients:

• Larrea Divaricata Extract is
• Sodium PCA
• Tocopherol



Dispense required product to cover preferred treatment area and apply morning and night. Results are generally seen after several applications, with long lasting results experienced after a few months. Once the hair growth is minimised, Hair Halt can be used weekly to maintain results.


Apply following hair reduction treatments, such as IPL, laser and epiblading/dermaplaning, to assist with the reduction of hair.

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