WiQo Smoothing Face Fluid 30mL

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WiQo Smoothing Face Fluid is a cosmeceutical treatment product suitable for all skin types. It reduces the appearance of imperfections and wrinkles, promotes deep hydration, and keeps the skin visibly smooth and firm.

Containing low pH glycolic acid (8%) in a balanced formula and certified non-comedogenic, the product is well tolerated by the skin. It works by lowering the pH of the skin causing it to perform a "natural exercise" to bring it back to its natural physiological state. By stimulating the skin on a daily basis, the restorative process that began in the clinic is continued.

WiQo Smoothing Face Fluid is part of the WiQo Lifting and Brightening Programme home treatment protocol.


Suitable for all skin types and can be used year round.

Directions for use:

Once a day apply to clean, dry skin. Sun protection must be used when using this product. For oily skin it can be used as the only treatment, for other skin types it should be used in combination with one of the WiQo Nourishing and Moisturising creams. WiQo Smoothing Face Fluid works best when used at least 30 minutes before applying any other product. Consistent and uninterrupted use is advisable.

Avoid the area around the eyes. Apply only to unbroken skin. We recommend the use of suitable sun protection during prolonged exposure to the sun. For the first few applications a mild tingling sensation and slight redness are normal.

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