Medical Micro Needling – also called Skin Needling is a minimally invasive skin-rejuvenation procedure that involves the use of very fine surgical grade needles. Our Skin Needling device (SkinPen by ASPECT DR) works by stimulating your own body’s collagen to plump up the skin and breaks down scar tissue along the way. 

A minimum of 4 sessions is recommended in order to achieve and maintain results. The number of overall ongoing sessions will be dependant on each clients individual skin conditions and needs. No damage is caused to the epidermis during this treatment.


Skin Needling is an effective treatment to tackle ACTIVE ACNE as it targets bacteria, minimises scarring and encourages healthy cells to multiply.

Results and benefits include but are not limited to:

– Even skin tone

– Surface restructuring

– Collagen and elastin growth

– Smooth skin- Reduced pigmentation.

This type of therapy is now becoming widely used as a treatment to improve the skin’s appearance and quality and to improve or even prevent scarring. Approved by the TGA, SkinPen is a safe device to use on most body regions such as the face, around the eyes and mouth, hands, and chest.

Acne and Surgical ScarringSun Damage
Enlarged PoresPigmentation
Wrinkles and Fine LinesAgeing
RosaceaHair Loss
Collagen ProductionStretch Marks


  • 1 Session
  • 3 Sessions
  • 5 Sessions
  • Add On Per Area
  • *Prices subject to change
  • $380*
  • $969*
  • $1520*
  • $100*
  • *Prices subject to change