Client Cancellation and Clinic Policy

Bookings, Cancellation and Rescheduling Policy
A missed appointment is a loss to three (3) people, the client who missed the valuable time, another client who could have used the valuable time and the Clinician who was fully staffed and prepared for the treatment.

Please be considerate of others and provide at least 24 hours notice to cancel or reschedule your appointment.

Please bear in mind that Skinessence medi spa maintains a lengthy waiting list for clients who would prefer to come in at more convenient times. By advising our team of your availability you will be assisting the smooth operation of treatments performed at Skinessence medi spa, which will be much appreciated by all.

A treatment will be forfeited if less than 24 hours or no notice is provided to cancel/reschedule an appointment. We strongly encourage providing as much notice as possible to avoid inconveniencing our other clients and staff.

Skinessence medi spa can provide you a courtesy reminder if you wish regarding your appointment date and time prior to your treatment either via email, phone or SMS. Please contact our team only if you require rescheduling your treatment.

Appointment and Treatment Participation Policy
We recommend arriving 10 minutes prior to your appointment time in order to complete a consultation form and assist our team to run on time.

Please be courteous and advise if you are running late, as we may be able to rearrange your appointment to avoid inconveniencing other clients who are ahead and/or on time.

For first timers, we will advise pre and post treatment care tips prior to your treatment in order to make your treatment more comfortable and effective. Our Skin and Therapist team are here to answer any of your enquiries before, during and after your treatments to ensure you experience satisfying results.

For best results, it is best to rebook your next appointment after your completed treatment to ensure you return at the recommended date. Please consider that steering away from clinic treatment interval recommendations may affect the overall effectiveness of your personal treatment.

During any Laser or IPL treatment, clients must wear protective eyewear.

In confidence, we require all clients to be honest and advise any changes in medical condition/s, medication consumption/s, if they are pregnant or trying to become pregnant, if they have or will be excessively exposed to the sun/ solariums and/or if they have applied any tanning agents or used any prescription strength exfoliants on their skin prior to the treatment.

It is wholly the client’s responsibility to advise honestly any of the above.

Gift Vouchers/ Treatment Packages Policy
Skinessence medi spa will maintain all client Gift Voucher and Treatment Package information on file. Our team will keep you readily updated on your used and remaining credit.

For best treatment results, Treatment Packages are encouraged to be used upon the Skin and Laser Therapist’s recommendations. Cancellation terms also apply to Treatment Packages. Clients who cancel/reschedule with less than 24 hours notice will forfeit the treatment from the Treatment Package purchased.

Gift Vouchers are to be used within 12 months of purchase and cannot be redeemed for cash or used in conjunction with any other special offer.

You are required to present the Gift Voucher in order for it to be redeemed. Skinessence medi spa reserve the right to reject a Gift Voucher credit if the Gift Voucher is not presented.

Cancellation terms also apply to Gift Vouchers. Clients who do not or provide less than 24 hours notice of their cancellation may forfeit 50% of the treatment total from the Gift Voucher.

Pricing Policy
We reserve the right to alter prices without further notice. Treatment prices may vary from client to client based on their individual treatment needs and personalised treatment packages purchased.

For the quality of service you will receive, Skinessence medi spa will promise to ensure you are receiving the most cost effective treatments.

Skinessence medi spa is an exclusive clinic offering exceptional permanent hair reduction and skin therapy results at affordable prices.

Refund Policy
Skinessence medi spa treatment packages and/or gift vouchers purchased upfront cannot be redeemed for cash.

Management reserve the right to review your individual treatment package and/or gift voucher purchased and offer an alternative treatment option (up to the same value of your remaining credit).

By purchasing a treatment package and/or gift voucher upfront you accept the treatment strategy recommended by your Skin and Laser Therapist and agree that you have been fully advised of the result expectations.

The Skinessence medi spa team are considerate of personal circumstances changing, however it is wholly your responsibility to ensure you are able to commit to your treatment strategy and investment purchase at your choice clinic destination, where the packages and/or gift vouchers were purchased, for the entire duration of your treatment course within the date of validity.

The Skinessence medi spa will offer refunds when required by Australian Consumer Law.

Refund calculation for series packages = the total amount paid by the client minus each treatment / missed appointment charged at the RRP (as this now becomes a ‘pay as you go rate’)

PLEASE NOTE: We encourage you to choose your clinical skin care and/or mineral make up products of purchase carefully as Skinessence medi spa is unable to exchange and/or offer refunds for change of mind and/or possible allergic reactions to product ingredients.

You agree that by purchasing any clinical skin care and/or mineral make up products, that you have read and accept the ingredients to be suitable for your skin type and skin condition. The Skinessence medi spa team will be able to assist you with product purchase suitability, however it is wholly your responsibility to inform the Skinessence medi spa team honestly of any skin conditions or allergies prior to purchase (in order to seek the best advice).

Adverse Reaction Policy
At Skinessence medi spa we pride ourselves in our quality affordable service. Should you experience, in an unlikely event, a side effect, Skinessence medi spa will require up to 12 weeks to investigate your concern. Skinessence medi spa require your full cooperation during this time, which will include, weekly consultations for assessment (photo and documentation), additional treatments and products to be purchased by the client. The client will also indemnify Skinessence medi spa for any external costs associated to remedy the side effect.