60 mins | $200 With Margo

Margo’s specialised facials targeted to your exact skin concerns. Recommended for new and existing clients who are unsure which facial to choose, leave it up to Margo!

UNSTRESS – Irritation, Inflammation, Rosacea, Itching

60 mins | $200 With Margo

Unstress is a unique and innovative treatment that soothes and prevents stress-induced skin irritation, itching and inflammation. Unstress brings the skin to its healthiest state by impressively boosting the skin’s natural immune system and cell defence mechanisms. A luxury Spa treatment with benefits.

An anti-inflammatory skin care treatment – commencing with a gentle cleanse followed by a pro-biotic peel to balance the skin pH, the application of an impurity drawing mask then the application of skin nutrients to address any skin deficiencies.

This facial can be complimented and further enhanced by the addition of laser, galvanic and microdermabrasion treatments.

ILLUSTRIOUS – Lightening, Brightening & Translucent Radiance

60 mins | $200 With Margo

A multidirectional treatment for skin discolouration and photo damage. It lightens visible epidermal layers, and provides long-term protection against biological and environmental factors that cause discoloration.

Commencing with a deep cleanse of the pores, removing sebum and dead cells then gently exfoliating the skin surface will prepare the skin for peeling. This exfoliator will stimulate fibroblast and increase blood flow to start the process for a rejuvenation glow.

Followed by Pure Vit C and Enzymatic mask which lightens the skin immediately , correcting sun damage whilst breaking down free radicals. Following these high intensity treatments, we relax and normalise the skin with massage and soothing masks.

FOREVER YOUNG – Smoothes, Firms and Tightens. Instant Hydration & Glow

60 mins | $200 With Margo

The future of anti-ageing is here. Forever Young prevents the symptoms of aging skin by protecting internal skin structure and correcting external symptoms of the skin. A combination of refining acids, bio-peptides, and antioxidants encourage cellular regeneration and skin cell repair and adhesion. Forever Young protects, rejuvenates and supports skin’s overall health.

We start the firming anti-ageing process with an alcohol free purifying gel that relies on natural, active ingredients to cleanse your skin. Then we prepare the skin for a peeling process which gently exfoliates the upper layer of the epidermis, improving the absorption of active ingredients while toning and balancing the skin’s pH.

Followed by processes of tightening, lifting and firming the skin with two masks which will hydrate and repair the epidermal layer, regenerate the skin barrier and increase skin volume.

COMODEX – Anti-Bacterial, Reduce Redness & Release Poor Blockage

60 mins | $200 With Margo

A comprehensive treatment that prevents and repairs oily and blemished skin. Through a powerful combination of highly effective active ingredients, Comodex treats blemish conditions at the source with a holistic approach.

​Using the bescst of ientific and natural ingredients, Comodex treatments purify, calm, and rejuvenate skin for incredible results!

We commence with a cleansing and purification where we use a grape and lemon cleanser to purify. It is gently massaged into the skin to get a maximum cleanse without irritation. Then we use a scrub and Gommage to soften pores and congestion. This is a very monitored way for exfoliation without irritation.

CHATEAU DE BEAUTE – Revitalise, Rejuvenate & Energise

60 mins | $200 With Margo

Addresses skin’s aging process comprehensively and preserves skin’s youthful texture. Energizes skin cells from within, prolonging their longevity.

This pioneering series main focus is to address skin’s total age-defiance essentials and regimen – diffusing and preventing visible and non-visible signs of ageing, using unique and progressive ingredients and technology.

Producing 75% of skin protein, collagen is responsible for skin’s strength and for its healthy structure. The 3D Peptide Complex offers efficient protection against skin degradation, facilitating an improved overall velvety, smooth, young looking skin.

Restores moisture perfection in skin, blurring away lines and wrinkles. Fast and effective action for ultra dramatic results. Significantly improves collagen production, protecting skin’s healthy structure. Leaves skin velvety, smoother, brighter, firmer and noticeably younger. Promotes suppleness in skin for absolute clarity and freshness.

SILK – Immediate Visual Effects. Instant Lift, Firm & Glow. (AGE +45 Yrs)

60 mins | $200 With Margo

The Silk age-control treatment for instant glow dramatically improves skin’s appearance smoothing away wrinkles and fine lines. A calculated combination of pure silk extract and active ingredients, Silk lifts and firms the skin polishing away imperfections without causing irritation. After the pampering treatment, customers leave the salon or spa looking glowingly youthful – for when you have to look your very best!

An ABSOLUTE luxurious treatment starting with a gentle cleansing cream removing superficial impurities without irritating or drying. A polish is used to remove dull. lifeless skin for a smooth and radiant glow. An Alpa-hydroxy facial toner is then applied to achieve the balance you’ve been seeking. Silk fibres are placed on the skin to rebuild the skin internal bonding mechanisms. This is infused with Vitamins and Antioxidants.

You will feel a tightening as it molds to the face leaving an instant Face Lifting effect and instant results.


Cleanse, Exfoliate, Extract, Hydrate and Protect. Includes LED
45 mins | $110 With Margo


Cleanse, Detoxify, Exfoliate, Extract, Hydrate and Skin Rejuvenation
45 mins | $130 With Margo




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