Diamond MediLift


The Diamond Medilift provides a dynamic wavelength device that can be used to tone muscles anywhere on the face and body, as well as decrease and mobilise fat in certain areas. This technique is based on the response of muscles to electric stimulation. With proper pad placement, the muscles of the face can be stimulated to increase their size and tone. This will fill in the gaps that cause wrinkles from poor muscle tone. Equally important is the ability of the Medilift to tone and tighten the skin over the muscles.

MediLift BEFORE Neck & Jowl Area

MediLift AFTER Neck & Jowl Area


The MediLift program usually requires a minimum of 12 treatments and be can be done as frequently as 2-3 times a week. Fast and proven results are best maintained with usage of skin care products during and in between sessions. As with any muscle exercise, maintenance is required. Medilift requires maintenance of once a month. 

Results and benefits include but are not limited to:

–  Face Deep Face Contouring

Electro Muscular Stimulation Face Lifting

Micro-Current Non-Surgical

Rejuvenation + Renewal

Product Penetration

Deep Cleanse